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Contractors Needed
Contractors Needed

Contractors Needed

When are Contractors Needed Most?

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The Use of Contractors – Needed Most

Companies use Contractors when:-

There is a specific project with a timeline

Companies don’t want to take on extra IT staff just because they have got a spike in work due to a new project. What would they do with them afterwards? They wouldn’t need all the people who work on a new project to maintain.

Therefore, it is in their interests to hire IT Contractors on a short-term basis to get the project completed. It is a lot easier to get rid of IT Contractors than it is permanent employees.

Contractors Needed When There is a specific niche skill

Sometimes companies use a specific niche IT skill which is hard to find in the marketplace. Permanent employees with that skill may be few and far between. Those that with skill may not work in your area. So, companies will hire IT contractors with that skill. even if teh contractor doesn’t have that skill, he, or she, may be happy to travel or even live away form home for a few months.

Contractors Needed When There is a headcount freeze

When there is a headcount hiring freeze at a company often this doesn’t apply to IT Contractors. So, if some extra work needs done, companies can hire contractors to do it.

Often it happens soon after a downturn is over. Companies have laid off permanent staff and are legally not allowed to take on direct replacements for them so soon. So, when they have work to do, they hire IT Contractors instead.

Contractors Needed When companies get lazy

It sometimes happens that companies have contractors that the like and who do a good job. It would be hard to replace them. Indeed, the longer they stay on the more knowledge of the company they get the harder it is t replace them.

Advice to IT Contractors

Do you want to more successful as an IT Contractor?


1. realistic rates,

2.  not asking for increases in the middle of a contract or at every renewal

3. loyalty and flexibility;

4. and treating the service you give as a professional service.

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