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What I Want to Say to IT Agencies came from our Comments section.

Want to Say to Them

Whilst not tarring ALL IT recruiters with the same brush my experiences show them up in a very poor light. This is what I want to say to them.

I have been IT contracting for 18 years now, but was out of work recently for a few months. I only got my current IT contract through an old colleague who called me when my vacancy became available. Otherwise I would probably still be out of work.


Things I want to say to Agencies:

Just because you get over 100 CVs in reply to a job advert does not give the agent the right to ignore phone calls.

Sometimes the IT agency is straight up, that the agent just is not taking calls.

More often someone fields the calls and promises they will call back – 99% didn’t bother

Not Best Interests

I proved to one IT agent that they were not working in their client’s best interests by sending off CVs before reading those they had.

On this particular occasion they advertised a role on the Thursday. It was an exact match for role and industry. Even if I was not THE best person for the role, I should certainly have been on the short list.

I fired off my CV and then followed up with a phone call. On this occasion the agent actually spoke to me and I spent 10 minutes explaining exactly why they should consider me for the role. She seemed to agree but claimed my CV had not come through, so I mailed it again.


The following day (Friday) I called again to check on progress and she was “unavailable”. Needless to say the promised return of call didn’t happen.

On the Monday I called again. I managed to talk to her only to be told she still hadn’t read my CV and would call me back.

She did do so, agreed that I seemed a good match (just like she had last Thursday). However, she then told me that they forwarded CVs to the client on Friday!

Strung Along

They strung me along for a week or two before her senior consultant finally spoke to me. He told me they couldn’t possibly read all the CVs sent through as many were irrelevant.

They had to draw the line somewhere.

He couldn’t see that a candidate who by their own admission seemed to be a good match should at least have the courtesy of being considered. He couldn’t see that they weren’t acting in the client’s best interests.

I Know What I’m Doing

Finally after a heated discussion, in which he told me “I have been in this business for 5 years, I know what I’m doing” (and of course having been a contractor for only 18 years I am not qualified to question this) I emailed an account as to why I believed he hadn’t done his job. A couple of hours later I got an apology by telephone. However, itt was too late to help me with this role.

On Scrap Heap

Around April I went two weeks chasing after another similar role with the junior agent protecting her senior counterpart from me. Finally she told me sheepishly that I probably didn’t make their shortlist because the client might be worried that I had been out of work for 4 months!

No credit for the full employment over the previous 10 years, or that my last contract in a highly relevant role had been for 3.5 years.

I was on the scrap heap because I hadn’t found a job in 4 months

Total Sum

I want to say it certainly wasn’t down to me not trying.

I only applied for those roles that I truly believed I should be in with a shout of. That’s so as to not waste agents’ time, but still I had a wodge of double-sided paper an inch thick for those jobs.

Total sum was that maybe 10 of those I was put forward for. Who the hell were ALL these people allegedly so much more experienced.

Even when put forward, half of the agents still wouldn’t return my calls to ask progress


So maybe IT recruiters aren’t solely to blame but most have been lazy and unprofessional.

When the market turns these are the ones who find they will need to change their ways fast or go out of business themselves just like Porsche GB in the late 90s who treated customers with disdain while so many city types fought over their cars.

Come the stock market crash, they almost went out of business before reinventing themselves.

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