Patricia Hewitt – We must help the developing world by offshoring jobs

Patricia Hewitt
Patricia Hewitt

Patricia Hewitt

I was looking through some old articles when I saw this one. It just goes to show you that some of our elected representatives are there to represent us but don’t. Here’s the article.

Patricia Hewitt, the minister in charge of the DTI plans to bring out a White Paper on how Britain can help the developing world more by facilitating the removal of more jobs offshore.

She is disappointed that the trade liberalisation talks sponsored by the World Trade organisation broke down in Cancun.

However, she feels that this is mainly because of the US elections. She expects that they will get back on track after the US election in November of this year.

However, she is going to make a fresh attempt to get the WTO talks going again.

IT Jobs Giveaway Offer

Readers will remember that the EU offered to open up completely the IT jobs market to ‘managers of the future‘, contractors and Contractual Service Providers.

If that little lot were to go through then IT contractors and employees in the UK would find competition from all over the world in the UK market.

The UK will have the Presidencies of the European Union AND the G8 in 2005. She wants to use these two presidencies to force through more help for the developing world.

She will prepare a White Paper for the Government later this year.

This White Paper will concentrate on showing the benefits to British business of the benefits of offshore outsourcing and the removal of protective barriers.

Helping UK Firms to Offshore

Patricia Hewitt said:-

“We need to offer practical, high quality help to UK firms wanting to expand into overseas markets, as well as to overseas companies looking to create jobs in the UK”.

“But we should also recognise that helping the developing world to prosper is in our long-term interests, as well as a moral imperative. We should reform and strengthen the world trading system so that it can tackle, sustainably, the barriers that stop poorer countries from fulfilling their potential.

“We should work for an outward facing European Union, which is prepared for the challenges of globalisation and the barriers that hamper the development of British business”.

The world trade talks in Cancun never did get finished. In today’s climate I can’t see it happening now.