Want to earn big money IT contracting? Here’s How

big money for IT Contractors
Lots of money for contractors

Big Money from IT Contracting

There are some contractors that are saddled with old skills. So what are the skills to have to working constantly for the next few years earning big money?

We‘re not too long out of a very bad downturn.

There was a lot of fear about as some people were predicting that it was all over for the economy and IT contracting in the UK.

However, the downturn is now over.

Not everyone is back in work but more and more are getting off the bench each day.

However, there will be a future downturn at some point and many of those with less needed skills will be dumped again.

Niche Areas

Niche areas are very good if you want to earn big money from freelancing. If you have knowledge of a tool that isn‘t used in many places you will be ‘quids in‘ – although, unless you are very lucky, you may not be at home much.

Make sure that it is a tool that is on the up and up, though, and that is likely to catch on.

That way, for the foreseeable future, there will be more companies taking it up all the time. This will put a squeeze on the labour market, pushing the price up and up.

Big Money from New Tools

So, if you can get into a new tool right at the start and the tool takes off you could have a few years that will set you up for life.

If you get a few good years of earning big money from using one of these niche tools then you could make your pile.

I remember one guy I worked with. While the rest of us had run-of-the-mill skills he was able to earn big money because of his knowledge of a niche tool that they used.

It seems that they could not afford his fee. It was during a downturn but he was able to stand out for more money.

Part Time IT Contractor

As they could not afford the big money he was demanding they came to a compromise.

He would just work three days a week.

He still earned more than the rest of us did – whilst having 4 days a week off.

Although he had to work away from home, like the rest of us, it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience as he was only 2 nights away from home unlike 4 nights away for the rest of us.

How we wished we had his experience.

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