Vengeful sacked IT worker could face 10 years in jail


Laid Off

Patrick Angle, who works for Varian Semiconductor in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was not very pleased when he heard that he was going to be laid off.

So much so that he decided that he would get his own back.

He went into the system and made a bit of a mess of some of the software. He deleted all the software that both he and the rest of his team had created.

Luckily the firm was able to use back-ups to remedy the problem, and so not too much damage was done.


However, that wasn‘t the end of it.

When they discovered who was to blame, they reported Patrick Angle to the police. Now the Attorney General has announced that he is going to be prosecuted – and the penalty could be 10 years in jail PLUS a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.

He could be out just as the next downturn starts!

I have heard of situations like this before but never one where the person was prosecuted.


I was told of one occasion when someone came back into the office from the pub on Friday afternoon after their leaving do, in the days of mainframes, and simply switched off the computer before leaving.

This meant that the machine had to remain down for the rest of the day because it would have taken too long to power back up.

Nothing ever happened to him as firms usually like to hush things like that up.

However, if anyone out there who is going to be laid off is thinking of getting their own back on their employers or clients, then remember the tale of Patrick Angle.

With all the publicity in Massachusetts, I would think that he would find it quite difficult to get a job there again.

I can imagine agencies reading about it adding comments against his name in their databases.

And I should imagine that clients would remember his name too.