Unemployed IT Story – Local Council Want Me for Benefit Fraud


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Local Council Want Me for Benefit Fraud

My Story

All too familiar a story – this is the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid. I was happily contracting up until Dec 2001 then boom, out of work for about 7 months!

I paid all my taxes up to date and lived on the money I’d saved, but that soon dwindled away with kids to support.

I finally managed to get a permie job on a moderate salary although they screwed me big time (not sure if it was the agency or the company!). My salary dropped by about 15k from what was offered and what I eventually received.

Now that I am back being a permie, I’ve just lost a couple of hundred quid a month in NI contributions.

That was supposed to be offset (what a joke) by the new tax credits if you have a family, but that’s a shambles as well. I applied last October and there‘s still no award pending. Last week, I was just advised of the new amount I need to pay for private mileage on my car – another £50 quid a month lobbed of my salary!


As for the company and clients I’m working for – offshore, offshore, offshore is on top of us.

The government and Gordon Brown in particular have stabbed the IT industry in the back and thrown it down the toilet. They’re getting away with murder and nobody gives a toss. I’ve got loads of friends who have been out of work for months and not a cat’s chance in hell of getting anything.

A few years ago my son said he wanted to work in IT and I advised him that it wouldn’t be the worst choice he ever made – not now, I’ve told him to become a plumber, a brickie or a joiner!

Council Benefits

When I was unemployed I enquired about getting some benefits as I paid my NI etc – what a joke, I was told to forget it, it wasn’t worth my while. I got council tax benefit for 6 months, and forgot to tell them I was back in work and owed them one month worth of benefit given to me by mistake – I’ve now been officially cautioned by the local council for committing fraud!!

Great Britain – more like Crap Britain. My wife and I would move away in a minute if we could – any suggestions?

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