Unemployed IT Story – Is there ageism in IT?

Ageism in IT
Ageism in IT

Ageism in IT

Is there ageism in IT?

At 49 I have immense experience within the IT industry – Technically biased, delivery oriented, with a wide and successful experience in the implementation of technology, communications and technical services in the UK and European markets, developing and implementing structured, strategic and enterprise level rollouts.

My skills, both client facing, analytical and negotiative, are based upon over twenty years in the commercial, managerial and technical fields of the IT industry with exposure to a broad range of vertical markets, from Banking, Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing and Food, to the Public Sector and Outsourcing in Utilities, Confectionery, Energy and Telecommunications.

If pushed I would describe myself as a sharp minded business analyst, with a well developed sense of structure and delivery.

Should be In Demand

With a summary like this, you would think that companies would want the depth and breadth of my experience – WRONG

I am not sure though, that it is the corporate norm, I have a feeling that it has something to do with some of the techno-buzz recruitment agency staff who seem to have an average age of 19 and are in the job for the hard sell and the cash it generates, rather than providing a quality service to both clients and applicants (BIG mistake, the level of positions I am looking at will be responsible for staff recruitment and agency short listing on major projects).

When all said and done us “”old tuskers”” have terrific memories for the retention of details such as the agencies who could not be bothered to even acknowledge your application email, or when telephoned, used their voice mail as a hard filter so as to not be bothered by applicants asking as to how their applications are progressing.

Rampant Ageism in IT

If you are treated in the same way and you have recruitment responsibilities, don’t get mad – use another agency.

The government is supposed to be making ageism illegal when applied to corporate recruitment, because of the position on pensions, or lack of them. Do the young of today not realise what problems they are building up for themselves, and their employers by using age as one of the primary filters when sorting job applicants?

Its up to us “mature” senior tech-heads to ensure that our future teams have a good cross section of age groups and experience.

Do you belive there is ageism in IT?