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Age Discrimination in IT Contracting
Age Discrimination in IT Contracting

Age Discrimination in Contracting Profession

A reader sent us this, about age discrimination in Contracting, in response to our Unemployed IT Story – The Invisible Contractor.

Here’s his story.

She’s not the only one!

A well known IT company is looking for experienced contract staff for a major project in the financial sector.

Because of the nature of the project, there are probably no more than a couple of dozen people in the UK with previous experience of the actual software/business.

I have several years experience in testing, development, business and systems analysis of the application. So, I have applied for the numerous advertisements for those roles with those skills.

However, despite this, the client’s HR department seems to be under the impression that as I haven’t carried out the exact role in the last 3 months, I obviously don’t know anything, and they haven’t offered me an interview!

Or could my age, 51, have something to do with it?

HR Departments Taking Over Contractor Recruitment

I’ve noticed over the past 4-5 years, as client HR departments take over the contractor recruitment, it’s getting harder to get interview. That’s, irrespective of how much experience one has.

Moreover, they appear to be applying permanent recruitment standards to contractors.

That‘s not a bad things in some respects. However, it is definitely having a negative impact on the quality of staff they eventually end up with!

Interviews, Aptitude Tests and Team Exercises

One of my friends, with 20 years project management experience, had to partake in 2 days of interviews, aptitude tests, and team exercises.

All for a 3 month contract!

The other problem with HR involvement is that they take forever to actually decide on whether they want you or not. They find it amazing when, six weeks after your CV reaches them, you are no longer available!

Anyone else have ideas on how to improve matters?

Is there age discrimination in contracting?

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