Unemployed IT Stories – Tell Tony Blair about us Please


Contractor 1

‘My contract with Nortel Networks was cut short in April 2001 during a large head count reduction. I have been unable to find work of any kind since then. I have been prepared to reduce my contract rate from £400/day to £200/day. I have been prepared to accept a salary of £30,000 p.a. in a permanent position. I have looked at job opportunities across a very broad front’.

‘I am continually being reassured by agencies and employment consultants that my skills and experience in IT project management and systems analysis are impressive – but despite working through all the major internet job sites each day and using all other means I know of, including spending over £4,000 with Bernard Haldane Associates, I have still not found a job. What am I to believe?’

Contractor 2

‘I was working on a Contract for Xansa and was offered a renewal. Before I could accept the renewal, the offer was withdrawn because an Indian employee who had finished work on another project became available and was given the work instead.
I and the other team members were told that my renewal offer was withdrawn solely so that the work could be given to the Indian employee who would otherwise have been without work’.

‘I have a number of chaps who I worked with who will confirm my claim.
Also I have an email from Xansa confirming the job was given to a permanent employee (who is a foreign worker from India).’

NamesFacesPlaces Comment

I sympathise with both of your positions and feel that Tony Blair should know about you.

Unfortunately for contractor number 2, Beverley Hughes has already told Parliament that companies can do this. If they have a contractor in a position, they can advertise for a permanent person. If they don‘t find anyone in the UK or EU, they can then take on a non-EU IT worker and the contractor can simply be booted out the door.

At the moment, the priority order is:-

1) EU permie
2) Non-EU permie
3) UK contractor

However, Indian companies using the Intra Company Transfer system can simply put in what are effectively contractors, but get them ahead of UK contractors in the pecking order.

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