Unemployed IT horror story – Made redundant 7 times

Unemployed IT horror story
Unemployed IT horror story

Unemployed IT Horror Story

Let’s hope this unemployed IT horror story doesn’t happen to you. This is from a reader.

I’m a technical author and qualified trainer, originally qualified in electronics (radio, TV, radar) and started my working life as a service engineer. Over the years I’ve gained knowledge, and qualifications, that enable me to write about hardware and software.

However, in my career I have been unfortunate enough to be in the employ of firms that either other companies took over, shedding jobs or simply went out of business.

This gives me a record of getting redundancy seven (7) times. In earlier days it was much easier to find another post. Nowadays it’s not so easy.

Try a Change of Career

Don’t give up, try a change of career, I’ve had to do it three times.

At age 54 they accepted me for a full-time 1-year software documentation diploma course, and gained the diploma.

I then worked far an employer writing/producing the service and user manuals for microprocessor controlled oil exploration equipment.

When that firm shed jobs, I worked for a communications company producing touch-screen equipment for 999 control rooms.

In the past I’ve worked for aerospace companies, electronics firms, machine tool manufacturers (computer controlled machines), vehicle manufacturers etc.

The message is don’t give up.

Between jobs I worked on a petrol forecourt and then did a stint as a market survey researcher, calling door-to-door.

History of Redundancies

I’m not a workaholic and would love to retire, but because of the history of redundancies and the fact that years ago you were not allowed to transfer pensions there’s no soft pension fund for me to fall back on.

Now I do contract work. It’s all I can get at my age (70).

This year I was working on a short contract in Devonport until April. I’m looking for work and if necessary will go back to the forecourt till something more lucrative arrives.

Take heed from my unemployed IT horror story.

The message is don’t give up.

Keep applying and sending out those CVs. If necessary go on a course or take a job any job, either will keep the mind active, give you a routine and a purpose to the day.

Best of Luck.