Scrapyard IT Worker horror story – in the scrap yard at just 31

Scrapyard IT Worker
Scrapyard IT Worker

Scrapyard IT Worker Story

This article, about a scrapyard IT Worker horror story is from Aussie contractor site

I‘ll give you a rough run down on my life experiences within the IT industry. I graduated from University back in the early 1990‘s in Electronic Engineering with dreams of becoming the next Dick Smith, earning my millions within a couple of years by designing, selling, and repairing electronic equipment.

The lectures were filling our heads with how electronics was the future. We would walk out of this university with $80,000 electronic engineering design jobs and the like.

They were so wrong!

Get Into Computers

I remember the tough times of trying to get your foot in the door to get your first job. Your first job to the $$$$ which is supposedly just around the corner. After sending out hundreds of job application letters & resumes and getting nowhere, I bumped into an old electronics technician who was repairing a mates TV under warranty.

I remember him saying ‘Son, there is no money in this industry anymore. We are just board jockeys. Stuff is becoming so cheap that we just throw the old board out and put in a new one. You could train a monkey to do this. But mate, you are young, what you need to do is get into computers, that is the key to the future‘

Upon hearing this news I changed my career straight away. Luckily I obtained a job in the computer industry. I first started building computers and loading the required software.

Then I worked myself to QA and tested the latest and greatest computer systems, mainframes and networks. I was starting to move up the corporate ladder very quickly.

With all the hard work and the experience I obtained in my first job, I moved to different jobs and experienced different IT companies and obtained a great amount of IT knowledge and skills.

I even managed to obtain training & certifications from some of these companies.

Boom Times of IT Industry

I saw the boom times of the IT industry and worked very hard during the late 1990‘s and early years of 2000. Recently, I worked for a large gaming company. I had several job titles, project manager, network engineer, database administrator.

I was a multi-skill all rounder. So, I developed the reputation of, if it was a hard job, then ask me and I would be the man to do it.

Everything was going perfect.

I was on my way to saving enough dollars for a deposit on a house and I was on track to marry my sweet wife-to-be and hopefully start a family.


Over 6 months ago, they called me into a room and told me that the company was suffering badly financially. This was because of bad investment deals within foreign markets. The company posted a $32.9 million dollar loss and over 35% of its share price wiped.

Today was the last day I was to work for the company.

Staff Made Redundant

They retrenched my immediate manager along with myself. Over 500 more staff were cunningly made redundant over a six-month period. This was to avoid media attention of job losses.

Everything I worked towards was over that day.

I then moved from Sydney to Melbourne to be closer to my family and friends. I thought with my knowledge, experience and skill set, I would obtain full-time employment no worries.

Up to now, I have now broadcasted my resume to over 300 recruiters. I sent job application letters & resumes to over 300 advertised positions via Seek and Career One.

I am now on the government‘s Centre-link new start allowance and have attended the Salvation Army‘s Employment Plus job search program. Now, I have attended all their interviews and training courses on how to write a resume and cover letter. I even learnt ‘Introductory to computers and how to use the Internet‘.

It‘s interesting to note that every second person who is unemployed and has gone through a government-sponsored training program is an ex IT worker. So I was told by Centre-link. The Salvation Army‘s Employment Plus place is usually packed with unemployed people. Believe me, it‘s NOT the lowest unemployment rate since the 1990’s.

Unemployment Figures Manipulated

Unemployment facts & figures are being manipulated via people being taken off these courses and giving them part-time work stocking shelves about twice a week, part time casuals, and being put onto different courses within the Centre-link environment, such as home based business learning.

Now, on the subject of recruiters, everyday I am being lied to from these so called human pimps and told we will get back to you (they NEVER do) and even when you ring they are too busy to talk.

People tell me that over half of the job ads are fake, so they can get people on their books and justify their existence.

I am finding that most of them are just plain rude. If I do get to interviews, then it is usually some tick a box, young pretty recruiter of about 21 years who knows jack about computers and ticks a box when asking me questions like ‘˜Do I know TCP/IP‘? Yes, tick.

Dreams of Owning My Own House Over

My dreams of owning a house are gone, as my deposit money has drained away. My marriage plans are gone, no cash to get married and now I am living off the basic Centre-link payments. Now, my life and dreams are basically on hold.

It‘s now starting to make me very angry and frustrated, (as I’m sure you can see in this email).

I have only experienced about 12 years of full time employment and I have so much more to offer a company and our society.

1. I should be working hard within a company again.
2. I should be paying off my house with the white picket fence, barbecue, dog and cat.
3. I should be married.
4. I should be starting to raise a family.
5. I should be looking forward to our family’s future and enjoying the finer things in life again.

The worst thing of it all is that I‘m 31 years of age and have already been thrown in the IT scrap yard.

I’m a scrapyard IT Worker!