Contractor Scrap Heap – Chased by the Bailiffs – Unemployed Horror Story

Contractor Scrap Heap
Contractor Scrap Heap

Contractor Scrap Heap

A reader sent us this after an article by a guy who said that he was on the contractor scrap heap at 56.

Hey, I’m only 25 and in the same position! I’m on the contractor scrap heap too.

For 9 months I’ve been applying for anything from simple Office Admin to Data Entry, and the occasional PC Workshop Engineer or Tech support role. However, I’m always turned down (not even asked for an interview), because they think I’m too experienced.

Or, in the words of one of them, “we’re looking for someone with far less skills than you have”.

So while I’m getting into increasing debt and faced with the threat of bailiffs or prison, I find I’m not even getting the opportunity to work anywhere.

My friends and family have always said to me ‘why don’t you just work in supermarket until you find something better’. However, this year I’ve found that it’s impossible to do that. The supermarkets no longer recruit anyone who is desperate and out of work. That’s regardless of how skilled they are.

Turned Away from Jobs

Just because I’ve had some fairly responsible jobs on my CV, they are turning me away from the simpler jobs. That’s simply because they think I’d do much better in a tougher role.

Well, the fact is that I’ve been suffering from depression as a result of stress when I moved home. I couldn’t hold down my Delphi programming job.

It was just too much on my head. So, now when I decide to take a step backwards from my career and try something easier which ‘anyone’ can do, I find I’m effectively ‘not allowed’ to do it.

I’m finding it difficult to get off the contractor scrap heap.

Diversify and Develope Several Income Streams

I think the best way to go these days is to diversify. Develop several different streams of income, using the best skills we have. I considered working from home, particularly now that I find commuting to and from work stressful and even intense ‘deadline’ work.

I will never be a sucker to any of those highly spammed ‘work from home’ scams. However, I hope that one day I’ll be able to offer my own skills as a product. That’s such as creating small websites for people, designing graphics, writing music, fixing people computers locally etc.

Till then I remain on the contractor scrap heap at 25.

Gotta go now, there’s a good movie starting…