Under AWR you now must inform your agent of every job you are put forward to

Under AWR
Under AWR contractors must inform agencies of job interviews

Under AWR

We received this, about being under AWR, as comments after one of our articles on the Agency Workers regulations.

This reader gives a very useful insight into the workings of AWR.

Required by Law

Under the new agency-worker directive you are now required, by law, to inform your employment consultants of each and every job to which you are put forward.

Contractors are the Goose
Contractors are the Goose that lays the golden egg

Don’t make teh huge mistake of not doing this or you could be hit by a heavy financial penalty.

If you are signed up with any EB the law requires that you KEEP YOUR AGENT INFORMED.

You are required to supply the following information on every job you apply for:

– Name of EB that contacted
– Name, email, phone number of all interviewers.
– Date, place and time of interview.
– Offered rate.

If you fail to supply this information your agent has an automatic no-contest right to recover losses from you which is equal to value of the contract plus 25%, in addition to any legal expenses.

So, be safe. Don’t be caught out.

Tell your agent everything under AWR or you could face huge financial penalties.

ITContractor.com comment

This is ridiculous!

How did they manage to get that passed?

Current Client where contractor is contracting
Current Client for UK Contractor

It just shows what a bit of lobbying and a wad of cash can do.

Now contractors are being severely handcapped.

Tell Agency or Not

If they tell their agency what contracts they have been put forward to the agency could put other candidates up aginst them.

This could potentially cost them a lot of money if they lose out on a contract because of it.

If contractors don’t tell the agency, they stand to be hit with severe financial penalties if the agency finds out.

Under AWR the agency could sue them for the loss of earnings if the contractor passes the interview and then gets another contract offer and takes that one.

It’s a dilemma!




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