Umbrella Company Directory

Umbrella Company Directory

After the inception of IR35, the Umbrella Company became one of the main vehicles for contractors. Since the 2007 Budget the two main options for contractors are now the Limited Company and the Umbrella Company.

Moreover, the Chancellor made it clear that he would not be touching the Umbrella Companies. He is targeting the Managed Service Company providers.

So, the Umbrella Company has become a safe option for contractors who do not want to operate through a limited company.

To aid our contractor readers, therefore, we have a selection of the top Umbrella Companies. These Umbrella Companies, and Umbrella Company Alternatives, are all trustworthy.

Good Umbrella Companies

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So, if you would like your company to be added to the directory just contact us at [email protected]

Contractor Advice

There are quite a few ways that IT Contractors can go. The most used route is the Limited Company or the Personal Service Company as the Government calls it.

This is the name they give to Limited Companies where there is one main income provider.

Some of the best of those companies are in our Umbrella Company Directory.

It is up to you to choose which route that you want to take.

Choose the one that is best for you.