Umbrella Company Guide

Umbrella Company Guide

Here is our Umbrella Company Guide for contractors

IR35 compliance spawned the birth of IT Contractor Umbrella Companies.

The Chancellor decided a number of years back that many IT Contractors were just ‘disguised employees’. This was partly due to the new fashion of companies making some employees redundant on the Friday and taking them back as contractors on the Monday.

Whilst one can understand this the IR35 legislation that was brought in went much too far. It caught many genuine IT Contractors in its net. So, this spawned the birth of the Professional Contractors Group. It has, therefore, been fighting the legislation ever since.

Many IT Contractors have decided to stay on the Limited Company path. However, a growing band have decided to join IT Contractor Umbrella Companies both from the safety factor and the convenience. Sometimes it is because they think IR35 may catch them.

IT Accountants

For those who decided to go the limited company route we have a directory of accredited Accountants who specialise in IT Contracting. They have long experience in helping them. They can be found here:-
IT Accountants Directory.

There is also a series of news and advice articles on IT Accountants in our Money section here:-
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Company Set Up

IT Contractor now has now teamed up with long established Accountancy company. That’s to set up a Company Set Up facility where IT Contractors can set up a limited company online for just £79 plus VAT. Indeed anyone setting up a limited company via this route will get a 25% discount on that price.

Included in that price will also be:-

1. PAYE Registration.

2. VAT Registration.

3. Tax Advice on Shareholders and Directors.

4. One IR35 contract opinion.

We believe this to be by far the best total package on the market for the price.

You can find the Company Set Up facility here:-
Set Up a Company

IT Contractor Umbrella Company Route

For those who decide to take the contractor umbrella company route we have a Service Directory of Contractor Umbrella Companies. You can find it here:-
IT Contractor Umbrella Service Directory.

Also, to help IT Contractors make a decision on which contractor umbrella company to choose we have created an article called Which Umbrella. You can find it here:-
Which Umbrella Company.

We also have a series of articles about IT Contractor Umbrella Companies which you can find here:-
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Other Advice

We have lots of other news and advice of value to IT Contractors.

For example, in the Advice section, we have have advice on Job Hunting, creating good CVs, Interview Tips, dealing with IT Agencies and getting a good rate.

Thank you for reading our umbrella company guide. Want to know more about what an Umbrella company is exactly? Then you should read our What is an Umbrella company post.