Typical IT Recruitment Agency double standards

Recruitment Agency double standards
Recruitment Agency double standards

Recruitment Agency Double Standards

A reader sent us this about recruitment agency double standards.

I applied for a contractor role today as a Web Developer.

The IT agency contacted me and were really eager as this was an immediate requirement.

The Agency then get back to me saying that they had another copy of my CV on file which is different from this one.

I Tailored My CV

So, I explained that I had applied for another role the week before and the recruitment agent asked me to ‘Tailor’ my CV for this particular role.

They informed me that it was not their policy to do this. They told that they could no longer continue with my application and will not deal with me in future.

And people wonder why contractors dislike agencies.

IT Contractor Comment

What a foolish recruitment agency.

Contractors will be wondering about these new found ethics – if that is what you can call them.

It’s quite possible they used dodgy means to find this contract in the first place. For example by indulging in the well-known agency practice of spamming references.

They may even have got it by phoning up some unaware contractors to say that they want to update his, or her, details including where they currently work and what is the end date on the contract.

Or, as I said previously, they may just be extremely foolish.

And maybe I’m getting them wrong. Maybe they are a highly ethical recruitment agency. They exist you know.