Agents Tricks – Two new dirty tricks from agencies

Agents Tricks on Contractor
Agents Tricks on Contractor

Agents Tricks on Contractors

We received this article, on agents tricks that they play on contractors, from a reader.

Most contractors would have one time or another got a cold call from a consultant about a possible contract position coming. Would they have an interest in it and, if so, would they enclose their latest CV.

This is simply a ploy to obtain leads to possible new clients for the agencies.

Called Directly by Clients

But here’s the twist. On two different occasions I got a cold call from a supposedly magazine editor and an event organiser.

The so called magazine editor wanted to know if I would interested in subscribing to a new computer magazine specialising in the field of Data Warehousing. Could I give him the names and contact details of other Data Warehousing specialists who might also like to get the magazine. That would be in return for a 12 months free subscription.

Agents Tricks – Free Pass to Seminar

The second occasion with the event organiser, they offered me a free pass to a seminar for Data Warehousing specialists. That’s if I could introduce two other specialists to this seminar.

Needless to say, I never did get my free magazine subscription or that free pass.

I later found out that other contractors have also had similar approaches from consultants posing as someone else.

Survey Requests from Agencies

I have also been sent out survey requests by agencies claiming to be conducting a market research into the state IT job market. In among the questions there is always the question, “What is your current rate?”. Then, of course, there is the obligatory “Please include your current CV”.

I have to take my hat off to some agencies for their ‘resourcefulness‘. I wonder what they will get up to next.

Why can‘t they just be honest with you?

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