Unscrupulous IT agents – Twice I Got Shafted by Them

Unscrupulous IT agents
Unscrupulous IT agents

Unscrupulous IT Agents

This article on unscrupulous IT agents was posted as comments after one of our articles. We felt it warranted a wider audience.

IT Contractors Perception

Forgive me but none of this really helps improve the IT contractors perception of IT agents.

The problem here is lack of respect (by both parties).

Take two things which have happened to me in the past and which cost me money.

First Instance of Unscrupulous IT Agents

The first IT agent had me in an interview. That’s a day effort for me, by the way, researching the company, making sure I’m up to speed on the technologies involved and going to the interview.

Now you agents expect us IT contractors to uphold our end when we agree to do work for you at a client.

The client offered the contract.

Then a day later I get a call to reduce the rate. I was not happy but did knock 5% off.

Then I got a call back. It was not enough.

IT Contractor in London

So I brought it down to my break even point but expected 6 months not the original 3. Again the agent accepted this.

The next day a call from the agent – the client has found someone even cheaper.

I suspect this is a lie, the figure they quoted was well below what is a livable wage in London and this was for an IT contractor.

In this instance the agent should have been upfront with the client (that in your words he is working for) as to the costs involved, and certainly when accepting services from his supplier (the IT contractor).

The price we give as contractors is the price of the service you are buying. If we contractors jacked up the price on you then you would be up in arms.

Second Instance of Unscrupulous IT Agents

The second instance of unscrupulous IT agents involved an agent with whom I accepted an IT contract.

I was asked to start on the Tuesday.

I accepted.

Literally minutes later I was offered a second contract. Having accepted the first I turned it down.

Monday Evening at 5pm I got a call saying the client was not going to sign off on the budget!

IT Contract

Yet again, the agent got my assurance that I would do the work before he got it from the client.

If an agent has work then they should ask the IT contractor to agree – and not until then.

Be up front with your client. Tell them what the costs are.

Also a number of your fellow agents seem to be somewhat lacking in technical know how.

How on earth can you sell something to a client without understanding it! I’ve had agents ask me to explain the technology they want me to work on and actually admit ignorance.

IT Contractor Comment on Unscrupulous IT Agents

Out of curiosity, what would readers in his position?

If you had accepted a contract and then minutes later were offered a better one what would you do?

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