Retaining key IT workers – Top 10 Tips


Retaining Key IT Workers

Here are some tips about retaining key IT workers.

ReThink Recruitment provided this.

1. Competitive remuneration – As the market becomes more candidate-led, organisations need to benchmark pay against competitors far more frequently. They have neglected this of late. However, organisations need to step this up, says ReThink Recruitment. They need to consider reintroducing share options, time-serve bonuses etc which were phased out during the downturn.

2. Sense of responsibility – One of the greatest challenges organisations face is bringing meaning to employees‘ work. In IT departments this can be partly addressed by rotating staff. That’s so that they use a wider range of skills and gain a sense of overall responsibility for a project.

3. Variety of project work – Secondments are a good way of ensuring IT staff experience a variety of project work, which can help keep them motivated.

4. Flexible working/remote working – According to ReThink Recruitment, work-life balance issues are of growing importance to IT staff. This is because of the long-hours often required to meet project deadlines and the time/cost associated with commuting.

5. Fast track programme for high achievers – ‘The best performing staff are the most likely to leave. So it‘s important that organisations recognise high achievers and keep them motivated by fast-tracking them within the organisation,’ says Jon Butterfield.

Keep Your Skills up to Date

6. Training/skills development programmes – Keeping skills up-to-date is vital for IT staff. Training programmes are a good way for organisations to demonstrate their long-term commitment to personal development.

7. Recognition programmes – Rewards do not have to be monetary. However, they are an important element in building the ’employer brand‘, thereby strengthening staff loyalty.

8. Take on junior people and train them up – This often leads to a stronger sense of loyalty among the employees and therefore higher retention rates.

9. Social activities – Allows staff to bond and feel part of a team, and can improve employer/employee relations.

10. Recreation facilities – Sometimes viewed as gimmicks, but recreation facilities which make the working environment a fun place to be can have a positive effect on staff morale.

Retaining key IT workers is crucial to the success of your company.