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A top recruiter posted this as Comments, after a recent article by a reader. See what you think and whether you agree with him.

Top Recruiter’s Reply

Firstly, you have painted all recruiters with the same brush. Isn’t that a bit short sighted perhaps? It might shock you but here’s how I operate.

I don’t advertise jobs

I am proactive not reactive. So, I find good candidates. They don’t reply to adverts. If I wait for an advert response I will therefore come in 2nd place. I don’t like 2nd place.

I have known my clients intimately

In some cases I have known my clients intimately for in excess of 12 years. So yes, I tend to know who has worked there and who would go back.

My clients never get more than 3 CV’s per job

That rule applies unless they specifically ask for more.

My contractors get reviewed quarterly

I review the contractors quarterly with the client and vice versa. It’s a two-way street.

Contractor Happiness

Happiness has to be two sided.

They get wined and dined monthly and yes, I ask them for leads because who knows, maybe one day he/she may benefit from a lead I got from elsewhere.

If they give me a lead that ends up in a hire, I increase their hourly or daily rate for the duration of the contract.

Sometimes that can mean £2k for a lead.

Not bad really is it!

UK Contractors Comment

This top recruiter seems to be too good to be true I’m sure many of you are thinking.

However, there are many good agents as well as bad ones in our profession.

They sometimes don’t get noticed amongst the dody agents and don’t get the credit they deserve from UK contractors.

He says he knows his clients intimately – so maybe that helps.

Contractor Rate Increase

Does he really increase contractors rates for the duration of a contract if they give him a lead that he is able to place?

He really is a top recruiter if he does that.

It’s not a piffling amount either if the contractor, therefore, is able to pocket an extra couple of grand.

We need more of this type of agent.

It looks as if honesty and generosity has paid off for him.

So good luck to him!

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