Fake Job Ads and Duplicate Job Ads – My Thoughts on Them

fake job ads
fake job ads

Fake Job Ads

Ever encountered a fake job ad? This Fake Job Ads article was written by reader Shoegirl.

Multiple Job Ads

It is quite common for a company to approach, say, 5 agencies – and often as many as 10, each of whom places an ad for the same job.

So the job is advertised 10 times. The person applying may believe they are applying for 10 different jobs – not the case.

I’ve experienced another one which agencies do – which is not to read their own CVs.

Fake job Ads – My Own IT Contract

I once got a call from an agency for a job which I immediately recognised as the job they had placed me in six months previously. At the time I found it highly amusing.

Fake Job Ads
Fake Job Ads

On another occasion – different agency – rang a colleague trying to canvass him for a job in the company he was in, because of an old, outdated CV.

He rang to complain and the company we worked for dropped that agency pretty quickly.

Ironically I got the sack the following week and ended up working for the very agency!

Fake Job Ads in London

Another one which I found particularly infuriating in London was “fake job ads”.

So many times I responded to ads only to be told that the job had gone.

In many cases I found that the ad had been placed the same day, and I find it unlikely that a decision was made that quickly.

Spoof Job Ads

I reckon at least 50% of the ads on job boards are spoofs to collect CVs.

So many of the ads you see on Job Boards these days are just fake job ads to fool you into providing your CV which the agency can add to their database.

They don’t have any contracts at all for the skills they stated but are just building up a database with those skills for the future.

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