IT Contractor Rudeness Accusation – They said I was rude to a director

IT Contractor Rudeness
IT Contractor Rudeness

IT Contractor Rudeness Accusation

Is this an example of IT Contractor rudeness? Or was it just an IT Contractor falling foul of a rude permie?

He didn‘t introduce himself. However, wanted to know why I wasn‘t doing anything whilst waiting for a 3 / 4 minute build.

This was from a reader KontimMonet in response to our article ‘The People I have despised as an IT contractor‘.

Director of Bank

I recognised the Team Leader type – only in my case, it was the director of a bank.

Their systems were too small for the amount of work being done and compiles and builds were notoriously slow. That’s except after 5pm when the bank’s permies shot off.

I started a build (which could still take 3/4 mins.) and picked up a magazine which happened to be on the desk alongside me. A man appeared at the doorway to the office, my desk being right by the door. He asked me what I was doing.

“Waiting for this build to complete,” I said.

“Couldn’t you do something else meanwhile?” he asked.

“I could,” I said “but it would only add to the machine load and possibly slow down the build.

‘And then anything I did would be incomplete and probably end up generating more work. But in any case, nearly everything I have to do is dependent on this job.”

IT Manager Called Me In

The next day, the IT manager called me in to tell me the director had complained about my rudeness.

“He was the one being rude,” I replied. “So far as I was aware, he was simply some idiot manager who did not have the courtesy to introduce himself and who knows nothing about IT.”

So, needless to say, the whole atmosphere in that bank had earned the contempt of every IT contractor in the place.

Hence my reply!