Troublemaker Contractors – The worst type of Contractor – an Agent

Troublemaker Contractors
Troublemaker Contractors

Troublemaker Contractors

an agent doesn’t like who he sees as troublemaker contractors. We found this was on the Forum of the now defunct Here are his views, which are no theviews of our website.

Worst Type of Contractors

Never mind best type of contractor, how about the worst type?

These guys love a bit of drama.

They complain about agencies and their practices.

Talking Contract Rates

When they get on customer sites they try and get the other contractors on site to start talking rates and money even though most contracts stipulate they shouldn’t do so.

They end up asking for rate rises 1-2 months into a 6 month contract as they found out someone on site is getting 20 quid a week more than they are etc.

They’re troublemakers basically.

Rid the Market of These Contractors

If we could rid the market of these types I would be a happy man. Usually they’re cynical contractors who’ve been in the game a long time.

This is one of the reasons, therefore, I really like working with guys with only 0-2 years contracting experience. They’re pretty much a good bunch and so don‘t involve themselves in the histrionics some of the older guys do.

IT Contractor Comment

So, what do our readers, both contractors and recruiters, think of these statements?

Are these contractors troublemakers?

Would the market be better without them?

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