The stupidest answers IT contractors give

stupidest answers
stupidest answers

Stupidest Answers

So, what do IT contractors say that make them lose jobs? Agents tell us here the stupidest answers that IT Contractors have given at interview.

These were posted to a thread on another website called ‘Stupidest Answer’ and asking what was the stupidest answer a candidate has given you.

Agent 1

I had a developer who when asked what the main disadvantages of Java were answered “Its sh*t”.

Can anyone come up with something worse?

Agent 2

I had a contractor who was once asked ‘why would you want this job’?

He replied: “well I’m a contractor so I want it for the money”.

Needless to say he didn’t get the job.

Agent 3

Recently had a chap in a phone interview who was asked what he did in his spare time.

He replied, ‘I need to be honest with you my wife and I are very active in the swinging community’.

He didn‘t get the job

Agent 4

I once said to a bloke after a lengthy tussle to close him on a job ‘what will it take to get a valid and definitive answer on your acceptance or otherwise of the position?’

He said ‘I’ll be honest with you: I’m going fishing tomorrow for two weeks’.

And you know the old saying is so true, you can take a horse to water, but you can not make it drink!

Agent 5

I had a candidate turn up in an Elvis Presley suit – he did Elvis impersonations in his spare time.

Agent 6

I had this little gem of an opening line on a candidate’s covering letter a few months back.

“I would like to submit to Your attention my curriculum vitae in the intention of power to sustain an interview finalized to the professional insertion in the society of which you are Executive.”

Agent 7

I have a bird turn up who was eight months preggers and resembled the Michelin man.

When asked about this after a very funny call from my client her response was she did not think it was relevant.

Agent 8

I had a candidate turn a role down because he couldn‘t have a lunch break whilst Neighbours was on at lunchtime.

Agent 9

I had a guy who could speak Polish on his CV.

It turns out the interviewer was Polish and he could only order a beer

So, those are the stupidest answers that agents tell us that IT Contractors have given to them or at interview.

What’s the stupidest answers that you have heard IT Contractors give?