Successful Contracting Career – The Quickest Way to Progress Your Career

Successful Contracting Career
Successful Contracting Career

Successful Contracting Career

The best way to have a successful contracting career is to be constantly available. People gain a hefty percentage, and possibly a majority, of promotions in this way. That’s whether you are a contractor or a permanent employee.

The disadvantage that those people who work for a company have, is that the company, although it knows its employees strengths, it knows their weaknesses too. So, that can hold them back from promoting them.

The advantage that you have when applying for a higher level job at a new company, is that they know none of your weaknesses. You‘ll only let them know your strengths. Also you‘ll play up the amount of ability and experience that you have, on your CV and in your interview.

In fact it is entirely possible that you could construct a highly successful career without ever getting a promotion once.

Always Available for Contract

The most important thing is to be always available.

If you don‘t have your rod in the water you can‘t catch a fish. You don‘t know when a job or contract will come along that is just up your street and is absolutely perfect for you.

Wouldn‘t it be annoying of a great job came along just on your doorstep, with a good salary or rate and a step up the ladder, that you would have been perfect for?

Of course you would never know about it. It‘s almost certainly happened to you though, that a fantastic position that you would have got, has been available when you haven‘t been. Someone inferior to you may now be in that role.

Available for Other Contracts

So what can you do about it?

Even if you have just taken a job, you should always be available for another one in the right circumstances. You don‘t have to be constantly searching. Just send out a few CVs every couple of weeks or so to different agencies. Let them know that you are available.

You can tell them that they should only consider you for jobs that are of a higher position than you currently occupy. That should keep the numbers of calls down. It will still put you in with the chance of a nice bite on the line.

You could let them know that you are only looking for a job within a certain radius of your home. Again that will cut down the calls, of which you don‘t want too many coming in to your workplace or home. However, if something comes up on your doorstep, they‘ll give you a call.

If you have a new super-duper skill, and you want to make better use of it, or make more money out of it, then say that you are only available for jobs with this skill.

If you are quite happy with the money you are getting, say you are available. However, it would only be for a rate or salary which is a decent bit above what you are getting.

Notify Agencies You Are Available

To have a successful contracting career agencies need to know you are available for the right contract.

You have to avail yourself of all the opportunities going. However, if you don‘t notify agencies that you are available then those opportunities are going to pass you by.

You could end up in the same job for years. However, there might have been people out there who would have given you a better chance of enhancing your career or business.

Too many people concentrate so much on their jobs that they don‘t have time to look after themselves and their careers. They stick in, and work hard, at their jobs hoping to catch the eye of the boss, so that they are either promoted or get their contracts extended.

It‘s far, far easier to get your promotions through going to another company.

In fact, as I said above, your company will probably see outsiders as a safer bet for a new position than you are.

Successful Contracting Career – More Senior Roles

I often hear people at companies complain, when companies bring in new people in more senior roles. The people at the companies believe that they deserve these promotions themselves.

So often the people brought into a company are not nearly as good as the people already working there. Perhaps the people already there are now working for the new employee or contractor.

People at the company shouldn‘t complain though. They should take a lesson out of their book and try to get their promotions the easy way. That’s through an interview with another company.

If you are quite satisfied with your current role, then that‘s fine.

But if you want to progress without knocking yourself out and doing loads of overtime with no sure outcome at the end of it all, then get those CVs sent out. Then wait for promotion to come to you.

It’s the best way to have a successful contracting career.