The meanest son-of-a-bitch Project Manager I ever encountered

Project Manager
Project Manager

Project Manager

They used to call this Project Manager a serial sacker. It was felt that he had to satisfy his blood lust every so often by sacking an IT contractor.

This guy was just a psycho. He had a mixed team of permies and freelancers, with the freelancers a little in the majority.

However, he was one of those old style ‘mill owner‘ type of bosses. He didn’t let anyone talk during business hours unless it was about the job.

He seemed to consider human beings to be like machines. Every minute that they had their heads down, that was an extra minute‘s work complete for the project and the company.

Unfortunately for him it is Psychologists who understand human psychology and not Psychos.

Fifth Victim

One day, the Project Manager sacked his 5th contractor in a matter of a couple of months. He came in after lunch and saw a contractor reading a paper at five minutes past two, which is five minutes after lunch ended.

He immediately brought him into his office and the last anyone saw of the contractor was when he returned to his desk to clear it out and then go.

The Project Manager stood over him while he did it and saw him off the premises.

The Psycho then told all contractors to come into his office at four o‘clock that day. He sat them all down and told him why he had sacked the contractor. He told them no one was to be able to read a newspaper even during lunch and spelled out another few new rules.

That‘s the Kind of Guy I Am

He then went on in macho style about the type of Project Manager he was, who expected no nonsense etc. etc. I think you get the gist of what he might have said.

He then asked if there was anyone who disagreed with him. He also said that if they did they could walk out the door right now. One girl put up her hand to say that it was not fair, but she managed to get away with it. Everyone knew it was the guys who he was seeking to intimidate, so they all kept quiet.

They all just kept their heads down in the future, and talked about him in the pub in the evening. It was in middle of the downturn of 90-92 and many of them were already working away from home as they couldn‘t get a job locally.

I wasn‘t actually working on the project, and was working for another Project Manager who was much better. However, we were in the same large room as ‘the condemned‘.

What Goes Around

I moved to their other office soon afterwards and then I got another contract back in London where I lived at the time, so I never knew whether the project was a success or not. However, I did know that they had to re-work a major part of the project, which everyone knew was not the right way to do things, but no one wanted to say.

I hope the project screwed up and that his career went downhill after that.

However, in saying that, life isn‘t about the goodies winning all the time. In fact, it sometimes seems like the opposite.

However, they say what goes around, comes around!

I hope in this case that it was true.

Do you have any mean Project Managers who compare?

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