Advancing Your Career Prospects the Machiavellian way with new boss

Advancing Your Career Prospects
Advancing Your Career Prospects

Advancing Your Career Prospects

If you are one of those people who like to take the moral high ground when looking at advancing your career prospects, contractor or employee, this article is not for you.

You have a new boss arriving at your company and you want to make sure that this is positive for your career or chances of renewal. So, what do you do?

The first crucial step when a new boss arrives is to make sure that he knows that that you will be one of those who will go with his new ideas instead of being one of those who will oppose him.

Whenever someone arrives with new ideas, 20% will be keen to see them implemented, 20% will oppose them, and the other 60% will wait to see which way the tide is running.

That means that you have a great chance to be the one-in-five who will be seen to be running with the new vanguard.

What an opportunity!

New Boss’s Arrival

When a new boss arrives, he quickly wants to know who will help institute his new ideas and who will hinder him. He has to see straight away that you are one of the keenest proponents of his new way of doing things.

It will be difficult for the new boss. A lot of people will not like his new ideas. They will not be openly against them, not to his face. However, they will ‘spin‘ against them to anyone who will listen.

He would not normally get to hear about this, but you can help him. You can let him know who are keen on the new changes and who aren‘t.

That means that you can get to have the opportunity to decide who gets preference right away in the company and those who will be sidelined.

It will be too difficult for the new boss to implement his new programme by using people who oppose it to implement it. It will be much easier to let those who support it be involved with senior places in the Change Programme.

The Opposers of the New Boss’s Policies

It tends to be those who are in more senior positions, especially the older ones, who will oppose the policies of the new boss. They got their positions of power based on the old way of doing things. They will, subconsciously, see it as too big a risk to overturn the whole system.

You should hope against hope that your immediate boss is one of those ones who opposes the programme. If he or she is, then you need to let the new boss know. You have to be a bit subtle in how you do this, so that it doesn‘t look as if you are just trying to get your immediate boss‘s job.

You just have to let the new boss know that it is getting difficult to implement the new programme because of the attitudes of your immediate boss.

When the new boss is fully on board with you, you can also slip in a few derogatory comments that your immediate boss has made about the programme and even about the big boss himself.

Getting Allies in Place

You also have to convince your allies in the department that the new programme is a good idea. Convince them that the new chief is a good man (or woman). That way you can help your allies displace your enemies in the department.

You can let the new boss know who is for the programme and who is against it. He will be eager to hear. That’s particularly as your own motivation is to make sure the programme, which you are very keen on, is implemented.

It would be a good idea to go out socially with the new chief as well. He will be keen to have a buddy at the new company. He’ll especially want one who is as dedicated to the new programme as he is. He’ll want one who is his eyes and ears at the company.

If you have a few drinks too many with him and tell him who is lining up for and against him, you can always apologise in the morning. Say ‘I think I said a bit too much last night’.

This won‘t bother him at all and he‘ll want to go out socially with you again.

Creating Allies

To a certain extent he will know what you are up to, but he won‘t care that much. To get his position he was probably at least as good a proponent of the ‘black arts‘ as you are.

It‘s not about who you like and the moral questions. It‘s all about who will help him implement the programme that he sees as so crucial to his future at the company and who will make it more difficult for him.

It is crucial to him that this programme is put in place. Anyone who helps him will be a ‘friend‘ and anyone who stands against may well screw up his future career prospects. He can‘t take that chance.

It‘s not a case of one person using another. It‘s a case of creating alliances that are useful to both parties. Countries do it all the time. So do companies. It‘s nothing to do with the morals. They don‘t come into it.

It‘s a case of creating common objectives and seeking allies to help implement them.

Establish Objectives Early

That‘s why it is so crucial to establish what the new boss‘s objectives are as soon as he arrives. Immediately align your objectives to his. Your objective being advancing your career prospects.

There are so many fools who will be getting ready to stand against him and obstruct his programme. Why so many people do this I don‘t know, but they do – time and time again.

You will be ready and prepared to take advantage of this. This is easy stuff. There is a lot more opportunity to do this in the UK than in America, where brown-nosing is a fine art.

The Americans do this so much better than we do. They even have a phrase that would describe this situation.

It‘s like taking candy off of kids.

Advancing your career prospects when a new boss arrives is a piece of cake.