Ruthless Recruitment Agency – The low down skunk of an agent

Ruthless Recruitment Agency
Ruthless Recruitment Agency

Ruthless Recruitment Agency

A reader posted this, about a ruthless recruitment agency, in response to our article “This was a really filthy trick by an agency”.

This reminds me of the experience of a fellow contractor I worked with in Watford
some years ago who I shall call “Fred”.

His agency nearly shafted him.

They rang him up one day when he was looking for work and asked him what he had on at the moment in the way of prospects.

He told them he was going for an interview the following day, and made the mistake of telling them where.

Agency Rang Manager

When he went in for the interview the following day he was told of what had
happened after the agency had called him.

They rang up the manager who was due to give the interview and bad mouthed Fred.

Them they told the manager that they had had dealings with Fred in the past and that he wasn’t very good. They said they had two other contractors who were much better, and that he (the manager) should cancel Fred’s interview.

Luckily the manager didn’t fall for it, and instead told Fred of what had happened.

IT Contractor Comment

Well that was a real dirty trick by a ruthless recruitment agency.

It just shows you that when agencies call out of the blue is it usually for their benefit and not yours.

Indeed, it could be very much to your detriment as seen by this example.

Interviews Set Up Details

I had something similar happen to me.

Never, ever tell recruitment agencies of any interviews that you are going to go to.

I have to say that whenever I was called, out of the blue, by an agency seeking to know my availability, it never led to any work for me.

You would be better to tell them where to go.

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