Agents Clients Debate – It has good and bad on both sides

Agents Clients Debate
Agents Clients Debate

Agents Clients Debate

A reader sent this article, on the Agents Clients Debate, in response to our article ‘Why Agents Are Complete Idiots’. See if you agree with him.

Keeping Client Happy

We contractors/permanent staff (resources) must remember that the Agent is looking to keep his client happy, NO more and no less.

Clients (i.e, Those employing IT contractors) want just the right skills at just the right time that they need them.

They don’t give a hoot for how many years experience you have of IT systems in general,. They don’t care how many years you spent learning about PRINCE, SSADM, DFDS, Java, Oracle, SQL-Server, or any of the other myriad tools, technologies, methods, that was the flavour of the month 5 or so years ago.

What clients want is this: “People who can do the job that is required of them at a price they are willing to pay”.

End of story.

Translation for Potential Employer

My 22 years of I.T experience translates to the potential employer as:

1: Resistant to change;
2: Over qualified/experienced – and therefore expensive;
3: Will probably make my 30 something Project Manager look Stupid;
4: Will probably make ME look stupid
5: Will not fit into the team of 20 somethings I keep as my IT team because they won’t want to go to the pub every Friday after work and exchange information about the project that might prove useful. Because during office hours everyone has their nose to the keyboard and therefore has no time to communicate

All in all, not much chance of the over 40’s like myself finding myself a new position, but I live in hope.

In the Meantime

In the meantime, I work as a Kitchen Designer, which:
A: Pays quite well sometimes.
B: Keeps me busy sometimes too busy.
C: Impresses some people a lot more than any of my I.T posts ever did.
D: Doesn’t date every 2-3 years forcing me to return to night school to re-learn the latest technology.
E: Forces me to drink several cups of tea, and eat biscuits at people’s homes twice a day (apple pie and custard is sometimes an optional extra).
F: Gives me a lot more to talk about with any partner I might find the time to meet one day.
G: Sometimes requires me to stay at home all day waiting for the damned phone to ring, unable to go anywhere unless it involves wearing a suit, shirt and tie, and can be dropped in an instant.

Back in a Shot

Still, I’d return to the intellectual challenges in a shot.

That’s if I could only find an employer of contract or permanent staff who would not look at my shortcomings, (i.e age) and look only at my positive qualities (i.e.

  1. determination,
  2. flexibility,
  3. drive,
  4. adaptability,
  5. knowledge,
  6. sheer ability,
  7. business acumen,
  8. client facing capabilities,

Knowledge and Experience

There’s also my knowledge and experience of:-

  1. ASP/.Net,
  2. Java,
  3. Oracle 5-8,
  4. SQL server 6.5-7.0,
  5. HTML,
  6. XML,
  7. C,
  8. C++,
  9. VB3-.Net,
  10. Modula-2,
  11. Pascal,
  12. Delphi,
  13. Assembler (8088)
  14. Microsoft Office products,
  15. VBA,
  16. Lotus products,
  17. Caché,
  18. Powerhouse,
  19. Foxpro,
  20. SSADM,
  21. OMT,
  22. DFDS, etc etc etcetera.

But life is not a dream – is it?

What are readers views on the Agents Clients Debate?