Contractor and permie bloodbath at one site where I worked

Contractor and permie
Contractor and permie

Contractor and Permie Bloodbath

A regular reader BolshieBast posted about the Contractor and Permie bloodbacth after one of our articles.

While working for a utilities Companies on the NETA Project, it turned in to a real bloodbath!

The first Project Manager ‘lost the confidence’ of the business so they gave him his marching orders. They escorted him off site.

On the same project, my PM ‘lost the confidence’ of the business and they escorted him off site with 30 minutes notice!

Project Discussion

Still on the same project, I heard a ‘discussion going on behind me.

This ‘discussion’ carried on about an obvious difference of opinion on something or other.

Next day, one of the two contractors involved didn’t turn up.

Turns out he ‘lost the confidence’ of the business and they told him not to come in. They sacked him overnight.

Contractor Lunchtime Tippler

Still on the same project, one contractor liked a lunchtime tipple.

One lunchtime he had one too many.

Back in the office he fell off his chair.

The following day they told him to clear his desk immediately and they escorted him off site.

Funnily enough they didn’t mention him losing the confidence of the business!

IT Contractor Comment

You didn’t explicitly say so Bolshie but I bet the project was a failure.

I’ve seen these kind of clients and these kind of projects before.

In the end no one is brave enough to speak up when they disagree with something.

Often the contractors know that the project is going in the wrong direction but are too afraid to say so.

Although no one enjoys working on a project where they know their efforts will be wasted, ususlly the contractors determine that it is best just to keep their heads down and take the money.

Although, they may spend some of their time looking for other contracts.

However, on this type of project, they would be better not to be caught doing this at work.