Cheeky Recruiters – The almighty cheek of some IT agencies

Cheeky Recruiters
Cheeky Recruiters

Cheeky Recruiters

A reader posted this as comments after our article ‘What I want to Say to Agencies’ and is about cheeky recruiters.

Over the last year I have won two contracts independently of IT agents. Both of these were with blue-chips who required the agency model.

In the first case it was therefore up to me to select an agency from their PSL to act as invoice processors.

One agency wanted to interview me first before allowing me to send them my invoices.Then they expected to take 28% and impose a thirty day delay before allowing invoices to be submitted!

Fortunately I convinced that client to add a new owner-managed agency to their PSL. This one only wanted 3%, paid within 14 days, and was most grateful for the business I took him.

Second Recruitment Company

With the other contract they handcuffed me. I had to go back to an agency who had placed me with the client before.

All the CVs they submitted for the second contract were rejected. They didn’t send mine of course. They get a flat rate from the client and can only cream 18% off the top if I get the job.

After seeing what dross the agent was sending, the client contacted me direct to offer me the contract if I was available.

It so happened I was and was glad to accept.

But I had to go back to that agency because of the handcuff clause and they graciously gave me an extra tenner a day.

A bloody insult after they failed to get anywhere with the contract and also failed to submit the CV of the very guy that the client wanted!

Unprofessional Recruiters

Is this any kind of a way to build a professional business relationship?

Or is it just more examples of agents trying to grab as much money as possible
for themselves without caring a monkeys for their clients’, let alone contractors’, needs?

Where’s the famous added value here?

There are very many really cheeky recruiters, from my experience.

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