Ten Great Ways to Screw up Cheating IT Agencies

Cheating IT Agencies
Cheating IT Agencies- how to get your own back

Cheating IT Agencies

When cheating IT agencies call you saying they have work but are really trying to spam references and get other information from you here is what to do:

1) Say you are busy right now, but if they leave their name, number and name of the Agency you will get back to them shortly

2) Ask them for the name of the person who runs their office

Stung by an Agency
IT Contractor Stung by an Agency

3) Ask them if their agency is Apsco affiliated and if they follow the Apsco Code of Conduct

4) When they want to know who you have worked for give them false names

5) When they want to know the names of places to which your CV has been sent either make up the name of the firm or give them the name of a real firm but one where your CV hasn‘t been sent so that they‘ll spend a lot of time wasting their time

Asking for Contractor References

6) When they ask for references give them the names of your mates, who will let you know you when the agent phones up asking if they need any contractors

7) Say you are not the person for whom they are asking, say you will go and get him and hand the phone to your 5-year old child

8) Ask if they have references from IT freelancers that they have got jobs for, and ask if you can contact them

9) Ask for references from IT Clients that they have supplied – just to prove that they do indeed have Clients. After all they are asking you for references from your clients

10) Tell them to call back when they have a real job

New Agency Dirty Trick
New Agency Dirty Trick on IT Contractor

I‘m sure that our readers can think of a few more.

Good Recruitment Agencies and Bad Recruitment Agencies

I know there are plenty of good IT agents and IT agencies out there and I don‘t want to tar them all with the same brush.

However, all experienced contractors have had dealings with quite a barrowload of these cheating IT agencies who try to convince you that they have something for you when all they want is information on the opportunities that you have, or people that you know, in order to grab potential contracts that you might have got for themselves.

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