Ten ways to get yourself sacked from an IT Contract

Sacked from an IT Contract
How to get Sacked from an IT Contract

Sacked from an IT Contract

There are quite a few innovative ways that IT contractors have found to get sacked from an IT Contract or not renewed. Here are some of them.

1. Annoy the company‘s employees by saying things like the permies should get the coffee as your time is more valuable than theirs.

2. Hand over work before it is properly tested after pressure from the Project Manager.

3. Drive to work in a flash car and park it just beside the inferior one of the guy who will be making the decision about your renewal.

Office Politics

4. Get involved in office politics. Tell your boss‘s boss that you believe your boss to be incompetent. He is sure to tell him.

Terminated by my Client early
Terminated by my Client after just 4 days

5. Slag off your boss and the way the project is being run to the Business Users. They are sure to bring it up at the next senior management meeting and they will say that you told them so.

6. Talk a lot about your holidays in Barbados and what a great experience it was scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Make sure that you have a permanent winter suntan.

7. Be leaving the office just as the hour, minute and second hands of the clock are all hitting 5 o‘clock.

Take Long Lunches

8. Have long lunches. It is especially important that you spend these in the pub and come back reeking of booze. It is especially important that you come back and sit on the edge of people‘s desks in this state and start talking to them. If it is the girls in the office this is even better. Take extra bonus points if it is the boss.

9. Explain to the Project Manager where he is going wrong in the project and how it could be done much better if he or she just follows your advice. Do it in earshot of the other project workers.

Greedy IT Contractors
Greedy IT Contractors according to an agent

10. If the Project Manager ignores your advice on a specific piece of work that you are to do for him or her, throw your dummy out of the pram and let him or her know that they are making a huge mistake and that you consider them to be a bit of a t*sser

Contractor Working from Home

If that little lot doesn‘t do it for you then tell them that you will be starting to do more of your work from home and that you will just be popping in once a week to speak to a few Business Users etc.

Better still, start doing that without informing them.

They are likely to make it permanent.

That’s how to get sacked from an IT Contract.

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