Ten Ways for IT Contractors to Avoid Making Enemies at Work

Avoid Making Enemies at Work
IT Contractors - Avoid Making Enemies at Work

Avoid Making Enemies at Work

Ten Ways for IT Contractors to Avoid Making Enemies at Work.

Office Politicians

1. Work out who are the office politicians and keep well away from them.

2. Count to ten before you think of firing off an angry email to someone. You may have got it off your chest in just a matter of seconds or minutes, but the recipient may will remember it and get you back for it, possibly without you ever knowing.

Stop Moaning IT Contractors
Stop Moaning IT Contractors, it’s not your client

3. Don‘t tear a strip off someone at a meeting in front of their peers and even their bosses. They‘ll probably slag you off to the other people at the meeting afterwards.

4. Go out of your way to talk to everyone at the office, at least occasionally, or some of them may think that you don‘t like them, don‘t rate them, or are snubbing them. To compensate they may well run you down when you‘re not there.

Don’t Suck Up to the Boss in Public

5. Don‘t suck up to the boss too much in public. Any sucking up that needs to be done should be done in his or her office when the doors are firmly closed behind you.

6. Don‘t be flash and talk about your fancy car, your second property in the South of France or the number of girlfriends that you have on the go at the same time.

7. It might be good fun to mock a mistake that someone has made, in front of other people. It may get a quick laugh from the others listening, but the person mocked will not forgive you for it, and will work against you behind your back.

8. Don‘t slag everybody else in the office off. The person you are telling it all to will quickly realise that either he or she is your best friend, or you‘re. probably slagging him off behind his back too.

Befriend Your Boss / Client

IT Contractor Problems With Permanent Employees
IT Contractor Office Problems With Permanent Employees

9. Make a friend of your boss. He or she might even be nice – they‘re just human beings after all. If he is a friend, he is less likely to believe what your enemies say about you. He might even tell you who your enemies are and what they say about you.

10. If you get a chance to have one of your enemies removed, take it. Don‘t go all soft, if your boss asks what you think he needs to do about a person. If you say ‘Why not give him another chance’, the chances are that he‘ll take that chance to do you in. He won‘t need to be asked twice when the same thing is asked to him about you.

So, there you are. It is important to Avoid Making Enemies at work if you are to have a successful contracting career.

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