Permie Interview | Ten Things to Remember when Going for one

Permie Interview
Permie Interview

Permie Interview

Many IT contractors say that they cannot get permie jobs as potential employers think that they will go back IT contracting again. Here are some things to say, at a permie interview, to allay suspicions (even if the suspicions are justified).

1. Tell them that you are tired of the uncertainty of IT contracting, that you are tired of the travelling or living away from home.

2. Tell them that you are tired of the upswings and downswings of the contracting profession.

3. Tell them that it is no longer worthwhile because of IR35.

Career Move

4. Tell them that it is about time that you looked at a career, as you are never going to progress any further as a contractor, and that in the long run you would be better off rising up the tree with potential salary rises, car, health benefits, and share options.

5. Tell them that it is very difficult to get a mortgage as an IT contractor as it is not steady income, and you don’t want the worry of having to pay the mortgage when there is no income.

6. Tell them that your partner is tired of having you around the house moping when you are out of work, and that your relationship suffers because of it.

Getting a Proper Job

7. Tell them that your children (if you have any) have taken up your partner’s refrain about getting a proper job.

8. Tell them that because of the number of periods spent between contracts it doesn’t make financial sense.

9. Tell them that you are tired of moving around from job to job, and making new friends and relationships at each different place, only to lose them when you leave.

Permie Interview Thoughts

In fact, with all these good reasons, it might be an idea to turn permanent anyway, except for the fact that you tried it before, hated it, and are temperamentally unsuited to it.

The 10th ‘˜tell‘ that you will of course remember to say, at a permie interview, is that you have no intention of going contract again when the market picks up.

Say that you have had it up to the teeth with contracting. I’ll leave it to you to decide if you are telling the truth or not when you say it.

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