Ten reasons why Contractor clients are complete idiots

Contractor Clients
Contractor Clients

Contractor Clients

A lot of the decisions that contractor clients make don‘t make any sense, especially in terms of how they deal with IT contractors. We document here ten of the craziest and most frustrating things that these complete idiots do:-

1. They don‘t let contractors come direct to their companies.

They would rather pay 25% more so that they come through agencies. Then they cite ‘comeback‘ as the reason for this, and say stupid things like if the contractor goes, the agency will replace them with somebody else.

There are lots of agencies who would like to supply the company, and there are lots of contractors who would do. It seems to be some deep-seated insecurity that causes them to do this

2. They don‘t take or want contractors‘ advice

That’s even though contractors have many years of experience. Contractors so often watch projects go wrong, and even though they know what is going wrong and know how to fix it, they daren‘t offer any advice

3. These complete idiots de-motivate contractors

, who are normally their star players. They assume that it is only money that motivates them, when the money is only important when the contract is being negotiated.

These complete idiots make remarks about the ‘type of money‘ contractors are making, and contractors generally have to motivate themselves

4. They infuriatingly follow methodologies to the letter of the law

They don‘t have the experience or the nous to implement the parts which are useful to the project.

There is no reality check. Any advice in this area is not appreciated at all

5. They encourage the development of poor quality software

They do this by pressurising developers to hand over software before it is fully ready. These complete idiots can even be so stupid as to do things like cut out the link testing, or even the systems testing stage to save time when the project is running behind schedule. This is completely crazy. People should be locked up for this

6. Contractor Clients make the same project mistakes over and over again.

The same mistakes are being made on projects up and down the land. They never seem to learn.

These complete idiots just get rid of the failed project manager and get in a new one who will make the same mistakes, when it is the system that needs changing

7. When recruiting for the project

, they don‘t ask their contractors if they know any good people with the same skills. They ask agencies instead. Contractors know who is good. Agencies don‘t.

However agencies will charge you more for someone who is not likely to be as good as the contractor who came on the recommendation of another contractor

8. These complete idiots pay absolute fortunes to consultancies

They pay it for people who are not long out of university, when they could have hired their own graduates or taken on more experienced contractors at much less cost.

This comes from their own insecurity and lack of belief in their own ability to manage a project properly. Sadly they are usually right

9. They do really stupid things

One example is getting rid of all of their contractors en masse, only to take on a fresh bunch of contractors a few months later when the project falls behind.

These new contractors have a learning curve and don‘t have the knowledge of the system that the previous contractors had

10. They promote all the wrong people.

They usually pick someone who is a good developer or a good analyst and make them Project Manager whether or not they have shown any inclination of being any good at it. Normally they aren‘t.

Contractor clients do so many foolish things.

Given all this, it is surprising to think that any projects get done on time and to budget, giving the users or customers what they want.

Come to think of it, not many projects do.

Perhaps the above ten reasons might have something to do with this.

Can you add any more to this?

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