Stay IT Contracting | Ten Reasons to Stay IT Contracting

Stay IT Contracting
Stay IT Contracting

Stay IT Contracting

Ten Reasons to Stay IT Contracting:-

1. You were a Permie before and hated it.

2. The downturn is already over and it will be a few years till the next one. There should be good times till then and maybe even a boom.

3. The money is normally better. You can usually expect to get double as a contractor what you would get as a Permie if you stay IT Contracting.

No Office Politics

4. You don‘t have to involve yourself in office politics to advance your career. You don‘t have to crawl to the boss and laugh at his jokes to get promotion. If there is a lot of rubbish going on at the company, with people or projects, you know that you will be out of there in just a few months or weeks and you don‘t have to involve yourself.

5. Although IT workers from outside the country can stay for five years, many of them will go home much before this, and this will gradually start to increase the jobs available to you.

6. The Special Commissioner has knocked a huge hole in the IR35 legislation in recent year, and this means that you are much less likely to be inside IR35 than you expected. This should put extra cash in your pocket.

Falling Contractor Market

7. The Contracting market grew smaller during the downturn with quite a few contractors going full time and many others getting out of the industry altogether. When the market picked up there were quite a few contractors less than before.

8. There has been a huge plunge in recent years in the number of people taking IT related courses at university. This is because during the downturn companies stopped recruiting and only 1-in-5 IT graduates got jobs in IT. This means that the pool of those coming into IT will be much smaller over the next few years. This should push up rates.

Yearly Assessments

9. You don‘t have to go for six-monthly or yearly assessments in front of your boss. When it comes to renewal time, it is a more equal conversation between two companies, or it is done through your agent.

10. When in work, you almost certainly earn more than your boss, and probably your boss‘s boss too. You may even earn more than the Systems Manager and the IT Director, and you can leave every day at five o‘clock and forget about it until the next day – unlike them.

This is the time to stay IT Contracting and to to quit to go permie.

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