Ten killer tips on how to demotivate IT contractors on a project

Demotivate IT Contractors
How to Demotivate IT Contractors on your project

Ten Steps to Demotivate IT Contractors

Here are some tips for IT project managers on how to get the least out of your highly paid contractors. It’s surprisingly simple to demotivate IT contractors:-

1. Say often, within earshot of contractors, ‘I don‘t think money could motivate me to work, the way contractors it does with contractors’.

2. Any time they make a mistake, start any criticism with ‘For the money that you‘re making’.

3. Say often, whilst the contractors are listening ‘We think that the employees here are every bit as good as contractors, if not better’.

Sack Contractors on the Spot

4. Sack the occasional IT contractor on the spot for something trivial like reading a newspaper at 5 minutes past lunchtime, to ‘encourage the others‘. Have a meeting with the rest of them that very afternoon to explain why you did it. End it with ‘If any other contractor doesn‘t agree with the way I do things then they can leave right now’.

Terminated by my Client early
Terminated by my Client after just 4 days

5. Contact all of the contractors‘ agents and tell them that there will be a 10% across-the-board cut in contractors weekly rates, because of ‘market conditions‘. Tell them that they‘ll have to make up their minds to accept it or not by Monday or they‘ll be out of a job. Do this again at the start of the next phase of the project.

Never Praise Success

6. Never praise them when they‘ve done well or achieved a measure of success. After all, you are paying them to perform aren‘t you?

7. Make sure that when they give you some advice about how they do something successfully at another site, you give them a look that says that you have no interest in what they have to say. They‘re just there to program.

8. Make sure that if you hear that IT contractors are getting any extra benefits, like using the staff canteen, or using the Sports and Social club facilities, that you put an immediate stop to this. You believe, quite rightly, that the company should keep these perks for the sole use of permanent employees.

Don’t Invite Contractors to Milestone Celebrations

9. If a party, a drink-up, or a night out has been organised by your company to celebrate the success of a milestone on the project, make sure that contractors don‘t get invited to it. It is even better if your company organises the event during work hours, so that contractors who have had to stay back in the office to work, can watch the celebrating members of staff come back to the office ‘in a very merry frame of mind‘. If your company forces you to invite contractors, try to get them to invite just two or three of them. Or insist that the contractors are not paid for the time celebrating yours‘ and their project success

10. Always leave news of their renewals till just a few days to go. That’s just to keep them on their toes and to show them that you are in control.

Contractors Getting Renewed
Contractors Getting Renewed by clients

Making Your IT Project Fail – Demotivate IT Contractors

Contractors usually take these slights quietly and passively, but you will be very lucky to run a successful project.

Normally people who are as small minded as you don‘t have much success in life, with middle management as far as they can get (unless they can get a job as a Government Minister).

The likelihood is that your project is going to screw up and you‘ll get it in the neck, sooner rather than later – and, of course, if experienced IT contractors are asked what went wrong on the project by senior management.

So, if you want your project to fail, one of the best ways of making it do so is it demotivate IT contractors on your project, who will then do just enough to keep them in work and will fail to tell you when they see you heading for the rapids.

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