Ten Embarrassing Things That Can Happen To You in an IT Dept.

Ten Embarrassing Things
Ten Embarrassing Things

Ten Embarrassing Things

Here are ten embarrassing things that can happen to you at work.

A number of them have happened before to me.

I won’t tell you which ones.

Perhaps you can add to the list.

Boss Behind You

1. You slag off the boss as an incompetent and a fool to your mates until you realise from their eyes that someone is behind you. You know before you turn round that it is the boss.

2. An agency phones up your boss for a reference for you while you’re still at the company – and he doesn’t even know that you have decided to have a look around.

3. You were a little indiscreet at the Christmas Party. You hope no one noticed. They did – and everyone at the office knows about it. All new people joining the company will be told about it. It’s compulsory.

4. Removed

5. You can’t solve a problem at work. You spend ages on it costing you any chance of finishing on time. Then, you ask for help eventually. The person you ask spots it straight away. It was a simple problem.

6. You answer the internal phone call flippantly saying, “It’s the big J here”. It is of course, your boss’s boss. He doesn’t consider you to be “the big J”.

Hole in Your Trousers

7. You get a hole in your trousers at work and no one tells you either because they think it is too embarrassing, or they think it is a great jape. You walk around for most of the day like that. Eventually someone tells you. You now have the problem of what to do as it is only 2:30pm and you don’t keep a spare pair of pants at work.

8. Someone sticks an “I’m an Idiot. Please kick me” poster on your back. Not only do you walk around all afternoon with it on, but you go home by public transport with it on too.

9. If you’re a woman (or a Scotsman), your skirt catches in your knickers. If it’s an all-male office you may have to go home by public transport like that too.

10 You’re program is walked thru by your boss, the person you like least at work, and the one you fancy the most. It is of course, riddled with simplistic errors.

Have any of these ten embarrassing things happened to you?

Could you add to the list?