Ten Differences Between Women and Girly Girls



A woman considers nursing as a profession because it is an important, interesting and varied role with the opportunity for career progression and flexibility if she wants to take a career break.

A girly girl considers nursing as a profession because blokes always fancy nurses and she might get to marry a doctor.


A woman considers becoming an airhostess because it will allow her to travel the world for free, exploring new cultures and countries whilst earning a reasonable salary. The duty free booze comes in handy for parties too.

A girly girl considers becoming an air-hostess because she‘ll have her make-up and hairdressing bills paid, she‘ll have a tan all of the year round, and she might get to marry either a pilot or a businessman. And just think of how much duty free perfume she can buy!


A woman sees nothing wrong in drinking pints – if she wants to. Or a Bacardi and coke – if she wants to.

A girly girl will stare at a woman drinking a pint and assume that she is a lesbian. Or maybe trans-sexual.


If a woman oversleeps and is running late for work she will do her best to arrive at work as soon as possible looking reasonably presentable.

A girly girl will never compromise on her routine for getting ready in the morning. If it takes an hour to put on the make-up and style her hair then she will be an hour late for work. Simple.


A woman will have a few grooming products in her handbag – comb, maybe basic make-up and lip salve in winter. That‘s about all.

A girly girl‘s handbag will contain the essentials in life. These are nail-polish, eyelash-curler, a spare false nail or two, 5 shades of eye-shadow, three perfumes, three kinds of make-up (one liquid, one powder and one that changes from liquid to powder), lip gloss (2 shades), lip-stick (2 shades), lip salve, blusher, eye-liner and mascara.

Products will be re-applied on arriving at work, mid-morning, at lunchtime and mid afternoon. Oh, and the handbag will be a Louis Vuitton (well, a fake at least).


A woman may not want to have a ‘˜career‘ but she will at least accept that she may work for 40 years or more and she will choose jobs accordingly. She will try to achieve a level of independence. If she has children she may take a career break. There is some planning and thought involved.

A girly girl thinks that she is unlikely to work past the age of thirty. She might do some part-time work at some point. That‘s HER money though. It is to be spent on luxuries only. After all, she needs some compensation for going out to work. She thinks that the best job is being a receptionist. She has to look good and she gets to meet lots of eligible men.

Being a ‘˜secretary‘ is also an option. You can still look good and you get to talk to eligible men. Plus you see them pissed at the office parties and have a chance to make your move then. The highlight of the year is of course the office Christmas party.


A woman might join a gym. If she does, she will wear functional, comfortable clothes when exercising. She wants to keep fit.

A girly girl is quite likely to join a gym. She will spend a small fortune on her Lycra outfit. After all – she wants to look good when there are eligible men around. She will also use the tanning bed as much as the rowing machine. She will never ever break into a sweat. She is unlikely to use the pool as chlorine makes her hair go green (it reacts with her hair colourant).


A woman‘s role models might include Germaine Greer (because she‘s funny and intelligent), Anita Roddick (because she was successful) or Mo Mowlam (because she didn‘t put up with ****).

A girly girl‘s role models might include Ulrika Jonson (because she‘s tanned and slim), Victoria Beckham (because she‘s tanned and slim) or Geri Halliwell (because she‘s tanned and slim). She will consider Mo Mowlam a freak (how could she possibly appear in public looking like THAT?).


When planning her wedding, a woman will think logically about how much the wedding is costing and keep things reasonable. It is after all just a ceremony to mark a commitment.

When planning her wedding, a girly girl will know exactly what colour Rolls Royce she will have. She know the difference between a ‘˜White‘ Rolls Royce and an ‘˜Old English White‘ Rolls Royce. A wedding takes at least two years to plan. You have to carry out extensive research (which is the ‘˜in‘ venue for receptions, who is the ‘˜in‘ photographer, what are the ‘˜in‘ colours).

Bridesmaids must be attractive (but not as attractive as the bride). The bridesmaids will wear strange attire that can never be worn again.


A woman who works in PR will talk about communications strategies, target markets and newspaper circulation statistics.

A girly girl who works in PR will talk about her clothes allowance, the famous people she has met and the special deals that she has at various hotels.

This article was sent to us by ‘Pearls – Project Manager still seeking work!’