Ten Best Ways to Pull in an IT Department


1. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it works, so have a nice car parked in the car park. Don’t make it too flash or you may not have your contract renewed.

2. Let it be known early on that you make a load of money. Even if the women make good money themselves, it doesn’t hurt. Make sure the bosses and male members of staff, and the make-trouble-for-you females don’t overhear you.

3. Let it be known that you’ve just split up with your girlfriend – or ‘split up’ with her shortly into the job. That shows that you do have relationships and that you are now available to have another.

4. Say that you split up with your girlfriend in Barbados. An even better idea is to ‘keep’ your girlfriend for the first week or two, telling the women at work that you are taking her to Cannes for the weekend. After the weekend is over, say that you’ve now split up with her. That says that you take your girlfriends to fancy places and you are now available to take someone else there.

5. When you have said something risqué or told a bawdy anecdote about yourself (be careful), and a girl says, “”I didn’t think you were like that””, the correct reply is “Yes, I am” with a smile. You might as well nail your colours to the mast. Most guys say, “No, I’m not”, but that isn’t effective. One should take a little care here and it shouldn’t be done in a one-to-one situation. Don’t make it too bawdy or risqué, but just a little over the edge.

6. Take one of the girls out to lunch at a nice restaurant near work. Splash out and leave a good tip. Word will get round.

7. Dress yourself well, but not flashily. Smart suits are good in work and smart casual afterwards.

8. Be self-deprecating, as women don’t like guys who think highly of themselves. They want good-looking guys who don’t realise that they are good-looking. The ‘not realising’ bit is more important than the good looks.

9. Say you prefer the company of women as you find them much more interesting.

10. Give some money to a charity and let one of the women at work know that you have done it, but say that you don’t want it to be generally known. Rest assured that this piece of good news is too hot to hold to themselves and all the girls in work will know about it within 48 hours. You’ll get bonus points for ‘not wanting it to be well known’.