Ten major advantages in hiring an IT contractor rather than an employee

Hiring an IT Contractor for successful projects
Why Hiring IT Contractors makes sense

Advantages in Hiring an IT Contractor

There are good number of advantages in hiring an IT Contractor.

Many companies have a decision to make when they need some work done and that is whether they should hire an employee or an IT contractor. Here we show ten advantages in hiring a contractor.

1. You can get rid of them easily if there is a downturn or the project gets cancelled, and without much cost

2. You don‘t have to pay their National Insurance or Pension scheme or buy them a company car.

3. Although they are more expensive you don‘t have to pay them for when they are not there, including any holidays that they might take. If they get ill that‘s their problem.

Cost of IT Contractors

4. The relative cost of IT contractors has come down because if the last downturn.

5. They are happy to do a lot of the grunt work. A contractor of 10 years experience is happy to do coding work whereas permanent workers are less keen after about 2/3 years experience.

6. There is a lot less administration involved in looking after an IT contractor and a lot less motivation needed.

Contractors More Productive

7. Tom DeMarco once did a study which showed that programmers in the upper quartile were 10 times as productive as those in the bottom quartile (taking into account future problems and maintenance of the code). With their added experience, most contractors will be in the upper quartile. At most companies, most coding is done by permanent staff with less than 2 years experience. Many of them would be in the lower quartile. Paying a bit more for them can buy you a lot more productivity.

Cross Fertilise Ideas

8. Contractors go round a lot of sites and can cross-fertilise them with ideas. They can see best practices elsewhere and help introduce them at companies where they work.

9. You don‘t have to worry about their career prospects and keeping them happy.

10. The more contractors there are, the bigger percentage of permanent employees there are who can be managers. Hiring a large percentage of IT contractors is the best possible scenario for those who want as few rivals as possible when it comes to promotion prospects.

You know it makes sense hiring an IT Contractor rather than a permanent employee!

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