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Career Contractors
Successful career contractors take the right decisions and know how to play the contracting game to its optimal level.

They know how to look for contracts, do their CV well, do good interviews and negotiate a good rate.

Successful contractors know how to deal with both recruitment consultants and their clients.
Keep Getting Contract Renewals
They keep getting contract renewals time after time and are seldom out of work for any sustained period.

Successful contractors are able to stay outside IR35 and keep more of he money they earn.

They know how to invest their money wisely so that they have their contract money working for them.
Great Contracting Career
Those successful contractors are able to make a great career out of contracting and can retire at an early age if they so desire.

Or they can just continue to make more and more money.

A great way to start becoming a successful contractor is to read the advice articles below.

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