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2010 Bribery Act
The 2010 Bribery Act stops recruitment companies from coercing contrators into umbrella companies that are the choice of the agency.

Agencies cannot  tell contractors that they must choose a particular umbrella company.

They cannot even tell them that they must choose an umbrella company from their Preferred Supplier List either. That’s especially if they don’t tell the contractor that they are getting commission (legally a bribe) from those umbrellas.
Agency Reason for Recommending an Umbrella Company
Yes, that’s the main reason that many agencies do tell contractors to pick from a list of umbrella companies of their choosing.

It’s not because those are the most reputable brollies that the agency can find.

It is because the agencies are paying them commission for each contractor who signs up with them. This constitutes a bribe.

Anyway find out more about this from the articles below. I think you’ll get a surprise.

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