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Agency Margins

So what agency margins are fair and what are unfair?

Generally, if agencies are adding more than 20% to a contractor’s rate, you would considered that to be too much.

If they add less than 20% then the contractor is doing well.

Contractors Curious About Margins

Contractors are always very curious to know how much an agency gets for them from their clients.

They are often schocked to find out. There have been instances where agencies have been taking more than 50% of the money that contractors are earning.

Agencies like first time contractors. These fondly belive that their ‘agents’ will look after their best interests. That’s the model of agent in the acting and footballing world.

These agents are a different entity entirely.

Agents Want More of a Contractor’s Money

Indeed, they try to get as much of the money that the client will pay for a contractor as they can.

Anyway, there is a host of useful articles on agency margins below and what is fair and unfair.

And, also, how contractors can get them down and keep more of the money the client pays for them.

Contractor Introductory Fee from an Agency A reader sent us this article about how much to charge for a contractor introductory fee. Dr McLaughlin, I am...

there are a lot of us that work incredibly hard and put in godforsaken hours in order to help both our clients find the relevant people, and candidates the right job.

As readers here know, from previous articles, agency Chamberlain Scott recently went into administration. The company assets were sold to Heathward Limited, which changed its name the next day to Chamberlain Scott (UK) the next day

Once you have been offered a job, there are certain signs that your agency may cause you trouble in the future.

I quoted a rate to an agency. They asked me what my bottom line was although they said they would get me as much as they could. I reluctantly quoted a bottom line and now that I have been offered a contract, this is what my rate is

Contractors consider some of the things that agencies do to get leads etc. as dirty tricks and unethical

Ask a contractor about agents and you are not likely to hear anything good. They are the whipping boys of the industry

I recently got taken out by my agent for a drink after work

The new EU Agency Workers Directive now allows contractors to go direct to the client after the contract ends

It is unrealistic to think that if you take away the Recruitment Consultant all that happens is that the contractor makes more money