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Agency Dirty Tricks

There are so many agency dirty tricks that recruiters use to catch out contractors that contractors need to know.

They are not really contractors’ agents as such, the way that actors and footballers have agents who look after their interests.

The agents that contractors use are in a constant battle with them to take as much of their money as possible.

The more that a contractor gets from the client the less the agent’s margin is. So, the agency try to take as much of the contractors money as they can.

Spamming References from Contractors

They also get up to such tricks as spamming references from them and using them to get information on who is looking for contractors.

Anyway, there are lots of articles underneath that will forewarn contractors in their dealings with recruitment companies.

Be forearmed!

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Even I could not believe this dirty trick.

....and what he did instead to separate the sheep from the goats.

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