Successful Contractor Mortgages – Even if Contracting Less than a Year

Successful Contractor Mortgages
Successful Contractor Mortgages

Successful Contractor Mortgages Applications

This article is about Successful Contractor Mortgages and how and where to get them.

Specialist Mortgage Brokers help contractors with lots of different mortgage challenges.

That’s from getting a knock back by another broker, to obtaining a contractor mortgage later in life.

They have the experience and expertise to help you, whatever situation you find yourself in.

Struggling to Secure a Contractor Mortgage

Take Pranjal, a fine example of how he struggled to secure a mortgage. That’s because he has been contracting for less than a year.

Pranjal is a IT specialist working in the UK Public Sector and has been contracting for less than a year.

He contacted a Contractor Mortgage broker and spoke to Amir Ali, one of the Senior Mortgage Consultants.

Pranjal explained that he would like to let out his current property and purchase a new property for himself. This was due to his family needing more space.

Lender Unable to Give Mortgage

Pranjal also explained, that he had spoken to his existing lender and several brokers. After waiting nearly 3 weeks they told him they were unable to get him a mortgage for his new home.

The broker explained to Pranjal that he would need 2-3 years trading accounts. That’s even though he had explained that he has only been trading as a contractor less than a year and had no trading accounts.

Pranjal felt that he was unable to get a mortgage and thought he had lost out on the new home. That’s until until he spoke to Amir.

Amir assessed Pranjal’s needs and circumstances and put a solution in place to manage Pranjal’s expectations.

Amir was able to secure the right amount of funding with a high-street lender. This meant that Pranjal could now secure the new family home.

So, Pranjal received his mortgage offer, and is now progressing with his purchase and looking forward to moving into his new home.

Feedback from Pranjal – October 2016

“I would like to put my thanks in writing, therefore, for Mr Amir Ali who made the entire process of securing a mortgage plain and easy.

“When I approached him for a mortgage I was unsure if I would be able to secure one in a limited time and with my constraints.

“However, Amir made the entire process very painless.

“Not only was I able to get a mortgage to buy the house I wanted but it was done at a very competitive rate. The entire process was done from end to end in a matter of weeks.

“Throughout the process Amir was approachable. He was always available to answer any of my queries related to the process.

Mortgage Application Progress Updates

“I was kept informed and updated about the progress of the application and as a nice surprise the entire process finished exactly within the timescales that Amir had mentioned. That was really nice.

“I cannot recommend Amir enough for the way he handled my case. I I hope to use his services again in the future.”

From specialist knowledge, access to many exclusive rates and products, and potentially securing a mortgage offer within 11 days, there’s many reasons why you should choose a specialist broker if you are a contractor or freelancer.

Their experienced mortgage consultants are at hand to help you at every stage of the mortgage process. That’s so you can quickly make that move into your dream home.

It’s not just for inexperienced contractors but all contractors, young and old.

To find out more about successful contractor mortgages just fill out the form below and they will be in touch.

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