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Successful Contractor Formula
Successful Contractor Formula

Successful Contractor Formula

So, what is the successful contractor formula?

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A successful contractor has many attributes. These vary from profession to profession. But there are some that are common to all.

Here are the attributes any highly successful contractor is likely to possess:

In-demand and up-to-date skills and experience

All the most successful contractors have something that the market wants. In fact, ideally they have something that the market is desperate for.

That generally translates down to skills and experience. Any contractor with skills and experience that the market is crying out for is likely to be in demand.

Thus, any contractor who wishes to become or stay successful must devote time to keeping his skills and experiences in the most-wanted category.

He reads books, does certifications, and looks for projects and jobs that will boost his worth.

He tries to get put on projects that will look good on his resume, allowing him to speak knowledgeably and perform well in his chosen field.

The successful contractor is pro-active, reading the IT press and speaking to others about what’s changing in their field.

The ultimate aim is to have the requisite skills and experience before demand for them explodes. As this is often difficult, being only a short-step behind can be the most realistic alternative.

A great network

Not a Cisco network, but a people network. The successful contractor has contacts in a number of companies who he keeps in regular contact with. These help him in three important ways:
–  They let him know about opportunities in the marketplace.
–  Then they help him understand where the marketplace is moving.
–  They provide references for new jobs.

Of course, many of them become great friends too.

A good CV

A contractor’s CV is the thing that most potential clients will first use to judge him on. Because of that, it is the gateway to almost any opportunity.

A successful contractor spends a lot of time going over his CV. He makes sure it’s clear, accurate, and well structured.

Allso, he makes sure it’s free of spelling mistakes and other errors.

He reads articles on resume preparation both at Brainbox, ITContractor and elsewhere to give his CV the killer-edge that will get him into potentially lucrative interviews.

A polished interview technique

The successful contractor has been to more job interviews than he can remember.

He knows that the only real way to get successful at job interviews is to do a lot of them.

He’s been humiliated, caught exaggerating, and had to deal with impossible interviewers. He knows that the tough interviews are where all successful contractors forge their technique.

He’s also read books and articles on good interview techniques and is now a polished operator.

These days, when he walks into an interview room, there isn’t much that he hasn’t come across before. He can keep his poise, answer questions quickly and credibly, and most importantly give the impression that he’s the person for the job.

So there they are, my four key attributes in the successful contractor formula. Like everyone else, I slip up on them sometimes, but they are the ideal that I aim for in my career.

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