Stupid Bosses – Stupidity at work And Sexist Comments Too

Stupid Bosses
Stupid Bosses

Stupid Bosses and Stupid Workers

A reader, Sian Rees, posted this article about stupid bosses.

One thing I learned in the Netherlands “never underestimate people’s stupidity”.

In one Telecom company, that was a joint venture between the large UK Telecom company and a Dutch entity, it was unbelievable.

Work Part Time on Project

My boss asked me to work part time. He said, “After all, you only have to buy one less skirt per month”.

He repeated this, upon asking, upon which I took the matter to the Director and HRM, BOTH of whom said ‘yes and so what‘. Both of them were women too.

See, sisters have to stick by each other, but when they don‘t we are up the creek without a paddle.

Stupid Bosses – Headhunted for Better Job

Anyway I was headhunted for a better job with more pay while they went out of business.

My letter of resignation contained the phrase “Discrimination is a symptom of stupidity and I make it a policy not to work with stupid people in a stupid organisation.”

IT is a young industry. There was a massive flood of young people in their twenties entering back in the 1990’s and 2000’s. These people are now thirty something or forty something.

Women have kids, and why not, we can still work after a break (to keep one’s sanity).

Besides, men are now being encouraged to participate in child rearing – finally.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, what a r readers’ views on this? Do you agree that this was sexism?

So, Let’s hear your views in the Comments section below.

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