Stock Market Portfolio up 75%


We are attempted to double our money and we concentrated on banking and IT Recruitment companies.

We started on Jan 1st 2012.

UK stock market has risen by 14% since we started.

It was 5,700 and is 6,510.44 now.

Here‘s how we have done so far.

Barclays Bank

Buying Price – 179.07p

Price Now – 271.94p

Rise – 52%


Buying Price – 215p

Price Now – 625p

Rise – 190%

Harvey Nash

Buying Price – 52p

Price Now – 107.5p

Rise – 107%


Buying Price – 496.73p

Price Now – 626.45p

Rise – 26%

Lloyds Bank

Buying Price – 26.10p

Price now – 83.21p

Rise – 219%

Nakama Group
Buying Price – 3p

Price Now – 3.12p

Rise – 4%%


Parity Group

Buying Price – 20.75p

Price Now – 26.88p

Rise – 29%



Buying Price – 202.70

Price now- 340.30p

Rise – 68%


ReThink Recruitment

Buying Price – 8.25p

Price Now – 7.50p

Rise – -9%



Buying Price – 226.25p

Price Now – 380.25p

Rise – 68%



Start of 2012 – 5.700

Now – 6,510

Rise 14%


Overall Results

Overall we are up 75% since we started at the beginning of 2012..

We are attempting to turn £100,000 into £200,000.

Our £100,000 is now £175,000.

We have substantially outperformed the FTSE-100 which is up 14% since we started so we have easily beaten the market by about £61,000.



Only one share is losing money now.

To double your money you really need a rapidly rising stock market AND an outperformance of that market with my shares.

THe stock market rise has been worth just 14% of the rise. What I like to think of as my expert share picking is responsible for the other 61% of the rise.

In 2 years and 1 month, three of our shares have doubled in value and one of those has trebled


The banks always recover earliest in an upturn but the agencies have joined in now too.

I might not have hit targets, but every year we‘ve tried this we have outperformed the Stock Market which isn‘t too bad.

The accumulated figure over the years would be pretty good.

I‘m going to continue with this portfolio to see if we can double our money in 3 years. I think I‘ll continue to find out how long it will take to double my money.



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